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Minty Strappy Sandal Pink and Green

Minty Strappy Sandal Pink and Green

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Whether you’re a conductor, intelligence officer, or a freedom fighter and leader traversing tumultuous and often dangerous terrains to the promised land, Minty’s leather matte and satin summer sandal combination is a perfect multitasker. With a pump heel and soft frosted upper, Minty pairs well with a day dress or skinny jeans and is ready for any mission. Minty isn’t interested in sitting down, and she doesn’t wait for others to make decisions for her, she keeps it moving. Resolute, Minty stands on her power and speaks truth to power, ready to show the way to the next set of trailblazers coming down the road.

Product Details:

  • Apple Green Nappa Leather Upper Details
  • Pink Salmon Nappa Leather Upper
  • Frosted PVC on white upper
  • 3.75 inch pump heel
  • Buckle-fastening ankle straps
  • All Materials and Shoe Structure:  Made In Italy

Designer Note:  Double Strappy Sandal best to highlight ankle goodness; Shoe fits true to size; Made Especially for designers Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

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