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Norie Luxury Womens Shoes

Nakano Slide

Nakano Slide

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A Samurai can go anywhere. She doesn’t rest on formalities or waits for an invitation. Showing up at a garden party or crashing a networking event in her summer slide sandals, Nakano’s adept manners and by the 19th century Japanese martial artist, Nakano’s powder pink Nappa leather, glittery metallic suede streak, and mid-sized pump heel seem fanciful and effortless — which is perfect since Nakano would rather cut off her head than be inelegantly shoed. Fortunately, and to be expected, every hostess finds a seat at the table for Nakano … because nobody wants to be unprepared for this impromptu guest.

Product Details:
  • Powder Pink Metallic suede
  • Pink Nappa Leather 
  • Stretch Powder Pink Satin Grain Ribbon
  • Glitter Ribbon band
  • Low Pump Heeled
  • All Materials and Shoe Structure:  Made In Italy

Designer Note:  Nakano is excellent for the wide foot customer, the elastic ribbon allows flexibility for comfort.  

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