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Norie Luxury Womens Shoes

Blue Zeno Sneaker

Blue Zeno Sneaker

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Zeno (Zenobia)

Active leisure. Sounds impossible, but a formidable fashion influencer knows when it’s time to kick back her black satin laced sneakers with a geometric bow and let her casual confidence impress. Like the 3rd century Queen of Palmyra Zenobia, (current day Syria) who gathered writers, poets, artists, and philosophers at court, Zeno is easygoing and loose, but conspicuously ready to lead her pack in more avant-garde directions. With a Japanese-inspired geometric bow, glitter-trimmed micro-sole, and even-keeled heel, self-proclaimed Empress Zeno affectionately guides her followers, focused as a regent protecting a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis.

Product Details:

  • Blue Textured Upper 
  • Custom-made outsole
  • Hand Made Japanese-inspired geometric bow
  • Laced upper
  • Norie custom micro-sole with glitter trim
  • 1.5-inch heel
  • All Materials and Shoe Structure:  Made In Italy

Designer's Note:  Style is only available in whole sizes, choose smaller size to allow the soft Nappa Leather to stretch and mold to your feet.

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